Shaken Baby Syndrome

Representing Clients Accused Of Causing Child Injuries And Fatalities

Allegations of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) can lead to extremely serious consequences, including the loss of your parental rights and criminal penalties as severe as life in prison. If you have been accused of shaking a baby, it is important to contact an experienced attorney.

At the law office of Robert D. Chase, we protect the rights of clients who have been accused of causing shaken baby syndrome. Modesto defense lawyer Robert D. Chase has more than 30 years of experience representing clients accused of child abuse and other serious offenses.

Evaluating The Medical Evidence Based On The Latest Science

When an infant comes to the hospital with symptoms such as swelling around the brain and bleeding around the brain and eyes, some doctors will immediately start to suspect shaken baby syndrome. In many cases, they will refer these cases to the authorities for prosecution.

However, recent scientific and medical developments have revealed that there are other medical conditions, including blood diseases and cancers, that can cause these symptoms.

Our office represents parents, child care providers and other clients who have been accused of causing SBS-related injuries and fatalities. We regularly work with independent medical experts to evaluate – and, when appropriate, challenge – diagnoses of shaken baby syndrome.

Mr. Chase has many years of experience representing clients in both criminal court and juvenile dependency court. He draws on that experience in shaken baby cases to advise clients on their options and diligently defend them against serious criminal and family consequences.

Stanislaus County Lawyer Defending Clients Against Child Abuse Charges

If you are facing criminal charges or the loss of your parental rights in California as the result of SBS allegations, it is important to act quickly. To schedule a consultation with Modesto shaken baby syndrome defense lawyer Robert D. Chase, contact us at 209-409-3058 or by email.