Arrested On Murder Charges In Modesto

While there are various factors involved in the crime itself, homicide is generally considered the most serious of all criminal charges. Severe consequences can include capital punishment. If you are arrested on suspicion of murder in Modesto, California, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side.

With more than three decades of criminal defense experience, attorney Robert D. Chase has provided legal representation to clients facing serious charges. He takes the time to fully investigate the charge to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your needs and the facts of the case. Murder cases can involve complex legal issues such as self-defense. Attorney Chase has won numerous self-defense cases involving murder. Contact the firm to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.

Gang-Related Murder Defense Lawyer

At the law firm of Robert D. Chase, our founding attorney has handled virtually every kind of murder case for his Modesto clients. These cases can center on numerous factors, including:

  • Gang murders
  • Self-defense
  • Crimes of passion
  • Crimes involving battered women syndrome defense
  • Shaken baby syndrome

Through his long history of criminal defense, Mr. Chase has developed relationships with industry experts including therapists and gang crime specialists who can be called upon to provide valuable insight and information on even the most complex legal matter.

We understand that each case is different so we take steps to thoroughly develop a strong, unique strategy. Whenever possible, we will negotiate with the prosecutor’s office to reach a plea agreement that involves a lesser charge. If the case must be decided in court, we are fully confident in our ability to aggressively defend clients through all stages of the legal process.

At the law office of Robert D. Chase, our goal is to help our clients avoid or reduce the serious consequences of criminal charges and child abuse allegations. We do not sugarcoat the facts or make promises we cannot keep, but we do everything we can to protect our clients’ rights.

Our office is conveniently located two blocks from the Stanislaus County Courthouse. To schedule a meeting with Mr. Chase, please contact us at 209-409-3058 or by email.